Week 0: Setup

Class date: September 4


This week, we'll be getting our environments set up with Ruby and some other tools that are necessary for this class, as well as going over some basic HTML syntax and the GitHub turn-in system.


Development environment set up (instructions in sections 0.1-0.3 in this chapter) and GitHub account created


Please read the short MDN Introduction to HTML and complete the Try Git exercises before class.

This Week's Assignment

Lab 0: HTML Todo

For next week, write a todo list in HTML.


  • You should use an appropriate list element (ul or li for your list)

  • Your list should include at least 3 items with due dates and 3 items without due dates.

  • Your list should pass the w3c validator with no errors.

  • Optional: use CSS to style your list

Due Date:

before next week's class