Week 3: Review

Class date: September 25


By popular demand, this Thursday will be extended office hours. If you are behind (you don't have Lab 2 finished), please come to class with one or two specific things that you want help with. Please note that there is still a lab assigned this week - I want you to get used to continuously iterating on and improving your app in preperation for the project portion of this class.


You should have Lab 1 completed by the end of class. I would like to see everyone have Lab 3 finished by next Thursday (October 2nd).


Recommended reading - review any of the previous chapters that you had trouble with, as well as the suggested resources for those topics. Optional reading - this StackOverFlow question

This Week's Assignment

Lab 3: Iterate

Make one improvement to your todo app. This can be a CSS tweak that makes it look better, a Ruby change that adds an additional feature, anything that improves the functionality.


  • Make one improvement to your app.

  • In your commit message, give a short explanation of what improvement you made, and why it's an improvement.

Due Date:

before next week's class