Week 4: Databases

Class date: October 2


This week touches on some basic concepts related to databases on the web, then introduces the ActiveRecord database abstration layer.


You should be caught up with the class, with your Lab 3 pushed to GitHub and tagged properly with a v0.3.x tag.


Please familiarize yourself with basic database terminology and ActiveRecord basics. Don't worry too much if you don't understand the code examples or migrations, just try to get a sense for what ActiveRecord's role is in a ruby web app.

This Week's Assignment

Lab 4: ActiveRecord

Modify your todo list to use a database!


  • You should write an ActiveRecord migration to create your database

  • All dynamic data in your app should be loaded from a SQLite database using an ActiveRecord model

  • Your todo items should be displayed sorted by due date

  • Your form should now save data to the database instead of a file

Due Date:

before next week's class