Week 6: Databases II

Class date: October 23


This week, we'll be covering some more advanced database functionality - validations and relations. This will be the last lab of the class; we'll be moving into projects next week.


You should have Lab 5 completed prior to class.


None this week.

This Week's Assignment

Lab 6: Multi-user app

Turn your app into a multi-user todo list using ActiveRecord relations


  • while this spec has users in mind, it is also acceptable to do something else using a relation in your database. For example, instead of adding 'users', you could modify your app to handle multiple 'lists' of items

  • write a migration to add a users table to your application.

  • write a migration to add a user_id column to your todo_items table

  • each user should get their own todo list that they can add and delete items on

  • the root route or index should now show a list of links to users' todo lists.

Due Date:

before next week's class