Guidelines for a good project:

  • It should be something you think you would use.
  • It should be at least as complex as the Todo app that we've already written.
  • It should be feasible to build in ~2-3 weeks.

Your Project will be graded on:

  • 15% Technical ambition - This is a check-off grade noting that your project was technically challenging in some way. If you're not sure whether your project meets this criteria, email me or talk to me during office hours or after class.
  • 15% Documentation - Do you have a good README that explains what your project does, how to get it up and running, and the key design aspects that a person who wanted to modify your project would need to know? The demo is included in this portion of the grade.
  • 30% Design - Does the way your application is structured make sense? Do you reduce repetition in your code by breaking repetitive aspects into new functions/views? Does your database schema fit your data?
  • 40% Execution - Does it work well without bugs? Is it easy to use?

Project Deadlines:

  • Monday, November 3rd - You've confirmed your project idea with me and are ready to start working on it.
  • Thursday, November 13 - A "first draft" of your project with at least a Readme should be up on GitHub, with a link emailed to me (
  • Tuesday, December 2nd - The first demo day - half of the projects are due, the other half should be nearly finished.
  • Thursday, December 4th - The second demo day - all of the projects are due.